Then you divide the menu price by this amount and come up with a percentage. Let’s assume the sales price is $5.00, then your food cost percentage will be 0.3 or 30% ($1,50/$5.00*100). Egg Free Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe Strawberry ice Shrinkage, waste and trim are significant factors that can

Diverted food waste (in pounds), restaurant respondents 2016 29 figure 19. Something as simple as serving smaller portion sizes can have a huge impact on your business financials. Forty percent of food products end up in the trash. That How to reduce food waste in restaurants. Restaurant food waste percentage.

You’re also paying for customer service, the wait staff, rent and other overhead costs, insurance and more. The food cost percentage will naturally vary, depending on the type of restaurant, dish, or even the ingredients used. MOTIVATE YOURSELF Fast healthy meals, Healthy fast food The cost of wages amounted to