Is Hvac A Good Career Reddit

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Is Hvac A Good Career Reddit. Not in the hvac field at all, but just generally, you might want to think about how you explain your situation to future employers, if it comes up. I’ve done hvac service/ install for 18+years.

Warming up in the winter months. Its a good job i dont
Warming up in the winter months. Its a good job i dont from

It's a very challenging but incredibly rewarding career choice. If you look for hvac jobs currently you'll find that the majority of the ones listed are looking for people with 3 to 5 years experience minimum. It’s ideal for chilly nights where you don't want to walk across cold floors in your kitchen or bathroom.

You may spend all day on a hot, bright rooftop in the sun, or in the rain, or in the cold.

Employers may respect you more for just owning the mistakes and not blaming it on covid, being depressed or working a minimum wage job. Help reddit app reddit coins reddit premium reddit. One thing i’ve learned along the way in regards to hvac sales is no one wants to buy a new furnace/ ac. Just know it's not a cushy job.