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Fun facts for kids the amazon river dolphin has a very long beak which can contain up to 140 teeth. Their iucn status as of 2008 was vulnerable but reassessed as data deficient in 2012 due to limited information regarding their population trends.

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River dolphins are rather small ranging in size from the 5 foot 1 5 m long south asian river dolphin to the 8 foot 2 4 m and 220 pound 100 kg amazon river dolphin.

Amazon river dolphin population. It is a relatively abundant freshwater cetacean with an estimated population in the tens of thousands. The amazon river dolphin is the largest river dolphin adult males reach a maximum length and weight of 2 55 metres 8 4 ft average 2 32 metres 7 6 ft and 185 kilograms 408 lb average 154 kilograms 340 lb while females reach a length and weight of 2 15 metres 7 1 ft mean 2 metres 6 6 ft and 150 kilograms 330 lb average 100 kilograms 220 lb. Its 1 4 billion acres of forest.

The amazon river dolphin population is in the tens of thousands but may be in rapid decline. They all have female biased sexual dimorphism with the females being larger than the males. Prosecutors in amazonas state where the mamirau√° institute is based originally asked for the moratorium which started in 2015 warning that as many as 2 500 dolphins were being killed illegally each year for bait.

It is found throughout much of the amazon and orinoco river basins in bolivia brazil colombia ecuador guyana peru and venezuela. In the year 2004 the extrapolated population was about 13 000 dolphins in the 11 240 km mamirau√° sustainable development reserve. Amazon river dolphin population how many pink dolphins are left in the world.

The up to date information about the amazon river dolphin population is not available. Experts believe almost 3 000 dolphins are killed each year. Photograph by flip nicklin minden pictures nat geo image collection.

Separate findings by da silva published in 2018 revealed that the amazon river dolphin population in brazil is halving every decade. An amazon river dolphin also called a boto pauses for an underwater portrait in brazil. In a report from the associated press published last year biologists estimated the rate of decline in amazon river dolphins to be at 7 percent annually suggesting a sharp spike in poaching for.

Amazon river dolphins have an important role as predators of the river and prey on a range of fish species thus controlling their populations. The amazon basin the largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest in the world covers 2 6 million square miles and 40 percent of the south american continent. The amazon river dolphin also known as the pink river dolphin or boto lives only in freshwater.

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